What a wild ride through England. Wow!

The story is following Tom and Sarah’s escape from an awful life at an orphanage. Trying to outsmart their followers the children steal a hot air balloon and their “road trip” around England begins. Their destination is London, but on the way there they have to land and refuel, they make allies in the most unlikely places, who not only help them avoid getting caught, but also try to find out what Tom’s connection to the word/family “Britfield” is.

This story is packed with information about landmarks and towns between Yorkshire and London, and the history of England.

The chase gets a bit unbelievable the nearer we draw to London. Suddenly there is a conspiracy and a secret organisation at work. Still, I’m sure young readers won’t mind this at all.

What young readers might also not mind are the Americanisms used in the story. It’s a story set in Britain, with British characters, but American English words – I’m just saying that no 12 y/o British girl would compliment her fellow escapee’s choice of “pants” when referring to trousers. That made me chuckle.

Of course the mystery of “Britfield” wasn’t entirely solved, we’ll have to wait for the next instalment to find out more.