Murderbot is a security bot who hacked themself, is addicted to serials, and tries to make its way in a world where they would be instantly killed/reset if someone discovered them. Additionally, Murderbot constantly has to save humans either from the harm they try to bring to themselves or other catastrophes.

It has been some time since I read All Systems Red, the first of the Murderbot novellas, by Martha Wells. But I had a recent discussion with my boyfriend, who mostly listens to audiobooks while driving and slowly moves his way through my favorite books: He complained that he did not know any female sci-fi authors. He only listens to German audiobooks, and I am pretty devastated by the small number of audiobooks available that fit the pretty loose description of > sci-fi, female author, in German <. But there was Murderbot.

I devoured the other books in an effort to keep up, and now, after 4 novellas and a short story, I love Murderbot even more. I have read the English books, and cannot say anything about the quality of the translation or audiobook narration, but the novellas are a fantastic read.

Murderbot resonates very much with me, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next book!