This is how Garth Nix’s latest Urban Fantasy The Left-Handed Booksellers of London starts. Published 22 September 2020.

Don’t you just want to know what the title means? And if there are left-handed booksellers, are there right-handed ones, too? And ambidextrous ones?

As I said in the title of this post, this UF is set in May of 1983. We follow Susann, who has just turned 18 and is moving to London to earn a bit of money before her first term at art school starts. Her mother gave her a few names of friends, who Susann intends to visit. Alas, on her first evening at her uncle’s place, she encounters her first Left-Handed Bookseller of London. Needless to say that this is where the fun starts. Susann will have to run for her life and learn about the secret world hiding behind the bookshelves of the regular world.

I liked it all. The characters are wonderful and lovable, or hate-able. The world-building is very inventive. Yes, it’s an UF built on the UK of the 1980s, using all the fads and fashions of the time. As soon as you enter the world of the booksellers though, you see the genius behind Nix’s work. It’s all believable. And that’s what makes a good UF for me. The pacing is medium to fast, which works well, given that the whole story takes place within the month of May.

Definite recommendation!

5/5 Stars

PS: there are ambidextrous booksellers *squeal* – Where can I apply? 😉