Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach has been sitting on my shelf for ages, until I finally picked it up for my autumn reading list. Aaaaand I couldn’t put it down again.

With 320 pages, the book is on the short side of sci-fi, the main character Devi works on a spaceship and visits very interesting places, but the action and the romance in this book kept me pinned to the pages. The novel is a fantastic mix of a sci-fi main course, not new, but very beloved, with lots of action to the sides and a wonderful romantic dessert.

Be careful, though, as this book ends in a rather good cliffhanger. After I finished, I cursed my book buying ban and was grumpy for a rather long time, because I could not IMMEDIATELY read the next one. So guess which book is no. 1 on my Christmas wish list?

5/5 duckies