Ah, another Matt Haig book. The Midnight Library has been sitting on my shelf since Christmas. I knew I wanted to get to it sooner rather than later. But when I saw that a friend started reading it, sooner became right away. And since it is quite snack sized, I tore through it in two days.

The story follows Nora Seed, who decides to die but ends up in a library instead. In this library, time has stopped at midnight and Nora has the chance to visit other versions of her life. Imagine that every time you decide something, another version of your life branches off. What if there is a perfect life you could join instead? And what if there isn‘t?

Matt Haig takes on a heavy topic and still leaves you hopeful in the end. It was a bit predictable, but I was totally fine with that.

5/5 Magpies – 4 for the story, one for the author