This is yet another reading blog. BUT, we are not just readers, we ask questions about the books, the story, the universe and everything.

Born from highly accurate YA plot predictions, we decided to share our ramblings.


Comic fantasy, afrofuturism, magical realism, badass mountaineering nonfiction, you name it. Will bolt when seeing smooch books. Calling a book weird is something that will definitely get my attention.


reads anything but biographies. As a sceptical reader I not only wonder whether a certain plot device works in the story’s timeline setting, I even try to work out whether the mechanics of the sex scene I’m reading make sense; you wouldn’t believe how many don’t.


reads fantasy and science fiction with a sprinkle of horror. I always search for ducks in these books, and you won’t believe how many there are. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are leading authors in ducks per book, but they are not alone.

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